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June 2020 - Which Tourism Establishments can accommodate visitors?

01 Jul 2021

Which Tourism Establishments can accommodate visitors?

Since June 1, 2020, tourist residences and main residence establishments located outside of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) and the Regional County Municipality (MRC) of Joliette can accommodate visitors.

Can "Bed and Breakfasts" & "Youth Hostels" in Gatineau-Ottawa, Quebec re-open?

Most of these establishments include common areas, such as bathrooms, dining rooms and, in the case of youth hostels, dormitories. At this time, the Department of Public Health ruled that the resumption of activities of these types of establishments, like "Bed and Breakfasts" can not be carried out - in compliance with health guidelines.

"Note that members of two to three households can occupy the same rental unit since June 15, for a maximum of 10 people, for all of Quebec except in the territory of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM), the regional county municipality of Joliette and the city of L'Épiphanie. For these three places (CMM, Joliette and L’Épiphanie), indoor gatherings will only be allowed from June 22. Remember that the occupants of the same address form a household and that the health regulations in force must be respected. 

All camping and outfitting establishments can also resume their activities.  It should be noted that a period of 24 hours after cleaning the units is imposed before the relocation, with the exception of units that can accommodate 4 people or less and whose floor consists of a hard surface (no carpet or other coating of its kind). Thus, a unit that accommodates 5 or more people is compulsorily subject to this 24 hour period."

Newfoundland-Canada - Covid-19 Guidelines for Bed and Breakfasts

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