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Diane Mandle's Sound Energy Help With Anxiety, Ptsd, Or Stress.

In July 2018, the Kokomo Inn aux Berges des Outaouais was very fortunate to host renowned author and Certified Sound Energy practitioner - Diane Mandle - at the Kokomo Inn.

Diane Mandle's new recently published book called “Ancient Sounds for a New Age: An Introduction to Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments” won the 2018 International Book Award in the Health: Alternative Medicine category and has also been named a finalist for the 2018 New Generation Indi Award. Congratulations Diane!

Diane Mandle has helped many people, over her years of practice, that were suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD and similar ailments. Diane worked as a member of therapy team at the San Diego Cancer and Research Institute and developed a successful sound healing program for veterans with PTSD. “Sound is a vital part of any healing process, and for pain relief management.” says Diane.  Ms. Mandle tells us that sound, using the ancient Tibetan bowls, entrains the brain to move into deeper alpha and theta brain wave frequencies. These frequencies induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition. One of the reasons is that our body, being 70% water is a perfect transmitter of vibration and easily the nerve bundles in our spine transmit vibrational sensory data to our brain stem and limbic system which is our emotional processing center.  “Modern medicine can now measure and confirm the practice of sound as a means to promote healing.” says Ms. Mandle.

More good news is that Diane Mandle mentioned to us that she will consider hosting a small retreat here or near the Kokomo Inn aux Berges des Outaouais some time in the future.  If you suffer from stress-based conditions; ranging from stress - from divorce to anxiety, PTSD or cancer... Stay tuned for more news from us and for your possible chance to personally experience Diane Mandle's The Power of Sound Energy Healing in Ottawa - Gatineau or contact Diane Mandle directly for your personal appointment today.

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