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Geocachers practice their "sport" nearby

Geocachers practice their "sport" nearby!

Our recent guests of the Kokomo Inn at the Berges des Outaouais, Marie-Josée and Daniel, established in Drummondville, Quebec, today count more than 3800 geocache caches (small tube-shaped cyclinders that are the price or can contain more 'clues and information in more advanced geocaching exercises). These two active geocaching seasoned players taught me a lot about the geocache game today which I decided to share with you in this article.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt using your cell phone and GPS coordinates. Geocachers contribute by hiding a container, also known as “caches” or “geocaches”, somewhere in the vicinity and then publishes the geocache’s longitude and latitude aon the www.geocaching.com website for players to find.

Example Geocache

When a geocaching player is successful in finding a geocache, they sign the logbook hidden inside, and they may also take the little hidden treasure inside on the condition that the finder replace it with a new item in return.

Geocachers Marie-Josée and Daniel practice their “sport” above all for fun, but there is also a ranking of the best players in the game.

In January 2020, the day of this article, these two geocaching enthusiasts came in search of caches near La Baie Park and along the 800 km bike path that runs along Jacques-Cartier Street, Gatineau, Quebec just in the city of Ottawa, Ontario.

This attraction has not escaped Quebec's national parks such as Gatineau Park and Jacques-Cartier Park, as well as the Gatineau Park tourist resort in Chelsea, QC, which offer popular geocaching routes.

Traditionally fixed on the third Saturday in August; this year the geocaching anniversary is August 15, 2020. This is the international geocaching day. it is also an opportunity for everyone to practice their leisure as a group.

Marie-Josée and Daniel, taught me that the 2020 geocaching statistics are impressive:

  1. 4,873 caches in Gatineau
  2. 43,750 caches in Quebec
  3. 248,349 caches in Canada
  4. 110,000 active geocachers in Canada
  5. 3,191,296 caches worldwide 

Generally accepted geocaching rules must not endanger others, minimize the impact on nature, respect private property and avoid public alarm. 

To participate in the geocaching hunt, simply download the Geocaching app.

HAVE FUN! Geocaching will help you travel the world and also discover your surroundings!