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16 Dec 2021


Dear members,
Following yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister François Legault, many of you asked us if you could still operate your tourist accommodation establishments.
The answer is yes. Even if hotels and tourist accommodation are not on the list of authorized businesses, they remain a service considered essential and we can therefore continue to welcome customers. The closure of non-essential businesses during the holiday season - December 25 to January 10 - therefore has no impact on our establishments, which may remain open. This is confirmed to us by the Government of Quebec. However, access to certain services and activities will be limited or prohibited (spas, gymnasium, weight room, saunas, changing rooms - except for the swimming pool, banquets, etc.).
However, for those who will find themselves in the red zone, certain new obligations are added, such as the prohibition on providing personal care. And your catering service will only be able to cook for delivery, room service and lunch box service, but still no reception in the dining room. Inter-regional travel is not prohibited, but it is however strongly discouraged. We advise you to consult, on our website, the Health guide for hoteliers and tourist accommodation, to learn more about the measures to be implemented.
Also, here are the changes within the red areas that might affect you. In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, the following economic activities must cease in regions and territories that are on maximum alert (red zone):
• • restaurants and food courts in shopping centers and grocery stores, except for deliveries, take-out or drive-by orders;
• • bars and nightclubs;
• • microbreweries and distilleries, solely for their on-site food or beverage consumption services;
• • casinos and gaming houses;
• • museum institutions, biodomes, planetariums, insectariums, botanical gardens, aquariums and zoos;
• • arcades, centers and amusement parks as well as water parks;
• • saunas and spas, including personal care provided there during the holiday season;
• • libraries other than those kept by educational institutions, with the exception of loan counters;
• • cinemas and venues where performing arts are presented, including venues;
• • the youth hostels;
• • physical training rooms;
• • any indoor place, other than a private residence or what takes its place, when it is used for the purpose of holding an event or social activity.
You have certainly understood that the objective of the authorities is to "break" the second wave by slowing down as much as possible the spread of the coronavirus just when the vaccine distribution begins, and to use the holiday season. to do this.
Let’s try to do whatever it takes to make the strategy work and we can get out of this pandemic.

Xavier Gret
Chairman and CEO
Quebec Hospitality Association